Three new works have been added to the Petersburg Musical Archive’s collection. We have completed release of all chamber instrumental opuses by Sergey Taneyev. The last disk (NF/PMA 9962) features his Sonata for violin and piano (V. Ovcarek and T. Fidler) and Piano Quartet (E. Virsaladze and musicians of the Taneyev Quartet). 

We also continued publishing the works of our outstanding contemporary composer Boris Tiscenko. The new disk (NF/PMA 9963) presents his Concerto for piano and orchestra (with the author as soloist) and Concerto for harp with orchestra (soloist: Irina Donskaya-Tiscenko).

The third program is the world’s first publication of all string quartets of Boris Tchaikovsky (NF/PMA 9964/65). This unique recording was made by St. Petersburg’s prominent instrumental soloists Ilya Ioff, violin; Elena Raskova, violin; Lydia Kovalenko, viola; and Alexey Massarsky, cello.

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