The Northern Flowers present the last program in the ending year 2004. The new-released CD with Our Lady’s Rejoicing In Sorrow by Dmitry Smirnov (NF/PMA 9926) is a fantastic gift for Christmas and the New Year for all those who love Petersburg art.

Smirnov’s choral frescos Our Lady’s Rejoicing In Sorrow written in 2001 were first performed at the opening of the Fifth Northern Flowers International Festival of Chamber Music on October 20, 2004 in Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg.

Music of Dmitry Smirnov has long become an integral part of Petersburg’s musical life. Most of his works are in demand with performers and can be heard both in and outside Russia, and his name has become to us a synonym of highest musical quality. The composer has created his own choral language based on deep strata of Russian music. Compositions by Smirnov always carry a powerful spiritual charge so much needed by us in today’s world. They are a link between achievements of the past and music of today.

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