The Northern Flowers proceed with preparations for the anniversary of Dmitry Dmitrievich Shostakovich. Our new CD in the Petersburg Musical Archive series presents a striking, new-look interpretation of the great master’s chamber works. Mikhail Bezverkhny (violin & viola) and Timur Sergeyenya (piano) have recorded Shostakovich’s Violin Sonata, Viola Sonata, 24 preludes for piano, and… 24 preludes for violin and piano (NF/PMA 9921/9922).

It is known that 19 of the 24 piano preludes of op. 34 (1932–1933) were arranged for violin and piano by Dmitry Tsyganov, a remarkable violinist, and a friend and ensemble partner of Shostakovich, as early as during the composer’s lifetime. Timur Sergeyenya supplemented the cycle with five arrangements of his own made specially for Mikhail Bezverkhny (retaining the original keys that are very unhandy for a violinist). 

Such matching of two versions of the Preludes in one program appears to be a very intriguing even, never heard of in the world history of disc recording. Besides, Bezverkhny and Sergeyenya are more than amazing virtuosos and excellent instrumentalists with a colossal concertizing experience; first of all they are extremely interesting musicians of an amplest inner world. They go their own way, and they offer us the joy of discovery, i.e. something rather infrequent in recent years.

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