Dear music lovers, we have completed a very nice New Year present for you: three new programs for the Northern Flowers CD collection.

You will hear all the works for the string quartet of the classic of Lithuanian culture M. K. Ciurlionis performed by the legendary Vilnius String Quartet. The pieces were created at the break of the 19th and 20th century by a still quite young composer; they amaze you with their fresh attitude and bright melodism (NF/PMA 9987).

The twelfth and thirteenth parts of our colossal ”Wartime Music“ anthology series are dedicated to Orest Yevlakhov (NF/PMA 9988) and Reinhold Gliere (NF/PMA 9989). Both composers made a tremendous contribution to Russian and Soviet music, and both are extremely interesting to us today in the context of development of music in the last century. As all the previous disks in the series, these were recorded by the St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Alexander Titov. The soloists are Olesya Petrova (mezzo soprano), Olga Trifonova (coloratura soprano) and Dmitry Khrychev (cello).

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