31.03.06The Northern Flowers and the Flemish Chamber Music Alliance have decided on the dates and place of the 7th International “Days of Flemish Music in St. Petersburg” Festival.

15.02.06The Petersburg Musical Archive offers music lovers its three new achievements. They are Volume 3 of Sergey Taneyev’s string quartets anthology already recognized in the world (The Taneyev Quartet, NF/PMA 9935); piano compositions of Mussorgsky and Rachmaninoff (Sergey Schepkin, NF/PMA 9939), and collected organ compositions of Alexander Glazunov (Vera Zvegintseva, NF/PMA 9940) recorded for us in Paris.

20.12.05On December 29, the Northern Flowers will give their final concert of 2005 at the Glinka Hall of the Philharmonic. The program's title is “The Roads of Love”, featuring vocal music masterpieces performed in six European languages. Lyudmila Shkirtil (mezzo soprano) and Yuri Serov (piano) will present works of Grieg, Granados, Poulenc, Bizet, Rubinstein, and Tchaikovsky to the Petersburg audience.

12.11.05In Paris, Vera Zviegintseva, a young Petersburg organist, recorded all organ works by Alexander Glazunov. With this disk, we are continuing our efforts to promote the heritage of the prominent Russian composer.

10.11.05The Northern Flowers are starting their musical activity in Japan.

17.10.05The Petersburg Musical Archive offers an excellent update. It is two new-released volumes of the Complete String Quartets by Sergey Taneyev and orchestral compositions of Vianna da Motta (NF/PMA 9938).

07.09.05The Northern Flowers are preparing a new issue of CDs of the Petersburg Musical Archive series. This time, we have addressed the works of outstanding Russian composer Sergey Ivanovich Taneev.

06.09.05We present the program of our central event in the 2005 season, the VI Northern Flowers International Chamber Music Festival. As in previous years, the festival will be hosted by the best venues of St. Petersburg, and the audience will enjoy bright musical impressions. The concerts will be held from October 20 till 23, with excellent musicians from Norway and Lithuania among the guests of St. Petersburg.

25.05.05In early June, three new releases will be added to the St. Petersburg Musical Archive.

28.04.05The Northern Flowers and the Flemish Chamber Music Alliance ( have agreed on the dates and program of the 6th "Flemish Musical Days in St. Petersburg" international festival.

20.04.05On May 15, a concert of the joint youth symphony orchestra of Miami University (USA) and St. Petersburg Conservatory will be held at the A.K. Glasunov Minor Hall of St. Petersburg Conservatory.

02.04.05As part of the Open World of Music series of concerts, the Northern Flowers are presenting the latest disk of the Petersburg Musical Archive at Sheremetev Palace on April 13.

31.03.05The Northern Flowers continue to introduce rarely performed masterpieces of Russian art to music lovers. Petersburg’s prominent pianists Piotr Laul and Alexander Sandler are finalizing their recording of a collection of four-hand opuses by Glinka, Dargomyzhsky, Mussorgsky, and Borodin for the Petersburg Musical Archive.

26.03.05Yuri Serov, Artistic Director of the Northern Flowers, met with Mr. Emmanuel Utwiller, Director of the Chostakovitch Centre ( in Paris in March.

01.03.05The Northern Flowers offers music lovers two new discs of the Petersburg Musical Archive. The first one contains an interesting achievement of the Lege Artis chamber choir, Petersburg’s remarkable ensemble. This choir, under the baton of Boris Abalian, has presented a selection of medieval Russian art: chants to Our Lady (NF/PMA 9927).