No Border Orchestra


No Border Orchestra, Norway

The ensemble established just a few years ago in the province of Finnmark, in the very north of Norway, immediately became popular both with music lovers and with professionals and critics. The orchestra assembled virtuosos from the remotest parts of Europe to create a new world of sounds, unusual and unique in its own way. A synthesis of jazz, classical music, and folk music performed by the musicians of the No Border Orchestra contains a fresh and powerful charge of musical energy.

The improvising attitude and absolute inner freedom multiplied by remarkable instrumental musicianship bring a true pleasure both to jazz fans and admirers of more traditional forms of musical utterance. On the list of the ensemble are eight instrumental musicians and a sound engineer:

Ingrid WILLASSEN, violin

Jovan PAVLOVIC, accordion

Helge NORBAKKEN, percussion

Petar PALCHEV, accordion

Harald DEVOLD, saxophones

Nikolay GIRUNYAN, cello

Marianne HALMRAST, bass

Torris BAKKE, viola

Asle KARSTAD, sound engineer